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55 Adorable First Family Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women (2020)

Some people apply tattoos as an appreciation of its artistry. Conversely, others apply the tattoos with an aim of passing across a particular message. The message can act as a reminder to the wearer of the tattoo, or it might be a dedication to someone else.

One of the most unique tattoos that are applied specifically with a purpose are the family first tattoos. These tattoos will come in various ways, either in words or in symbols.


Meaning of the family first tattoos

These are tattoos that are specifically dedicated to a particular family. In most cases, they are not exactly meant for a normal mum-dad-kids family. Rather, the wearers belong to a particular family, more of a gang.

The tattoo can act as a sign of initiation, while others will be applied to show full commitment of the members. In most cases, they will appear in words or simply one word, Family.

They can be used to show that the members are ready to stand for each other in whatever they are doing, whether they steal, do drugs or whatever. The tattoos are used to act as an oath that the person is fully committed to that particular family.

They can also act as a sign to other members that one is a part of the family. Here, when someone sees that tattoo, they will know that the person is one of them.

In some cases, these tattoos are applied with a clean intention of showing that one is dedicated to their paternal and maternal family. Here, they can also have the term, Family, or they can have a family tree with names of the members.

They can also have a list of the family members.

Generally, a family tattoo is applied to show appreciation and love for that particular family. The tattoos show how connected the person is to their family.


Just like any other tattoo, the family tattoos can be applied just about anywhere around the body. However, the style and size of the design will determine where the tattoo will be placed.

Nonetheless, since it connects the wearer with other people, it is best applied in areas that are visible enough.

For that, you will mostly find the family tattoos applied to the arms, hands, wrists, shoulders or the ankles. They can also be applied around the waist, while some apply them on their necks.

For the normal family tattoo, that of a father and a mother, the wearer will apply it where they and the family members can easily see it. The gang family tattoos can be applied on the back and even on the neck, to show a deep and unchallenged dedication.

Types of the Family First Tattoos

There are several tattoos that the wearers apply them in relation to a particular family that they belong to. These tattoos will be classified in different categories, but all in all, they are aimed at showing love, affection and dedication.

Here is a look at some of the categories of the family tattoos and how they are represented.

There will be some tattoos that will be represented in terms of characters, such as the Sanskrit, Celtic runes and the Japanese characters. The symbols will represent a family, or a unit and it is understood further by the members of that family or group.

It can be placed anywhere around the body, since it tends to be less detailed. It is basically used to how the pride of a particular family. Before applying these foreign symbols, always ensure that you know about their meaning.

This will help you avoid confusion and misunderstanding from others.

  • Coat of arms tattoo

There are some tattoos that will have a symbolic court of arms, which will have a hidden meaning or motto. The court of arms is mostly common with the gang and other street families.

They apply these tattoos as a sign of recognition by any other member of the group.

You can have a professional to draw the tattoos to appear more elegant and basic, rather than having the detailed court of arms.

  • Roman Alphabets

There are also some gang families that use the roman alphabets to show that they are of a particular family. This is mostly used to show that one is a part of that family, in most cases, there is no much dedication to the given family.

So when other members see the number, they know that that person is one of them.

  • Musical/Tribute tattoos

These tattoos are used to give tribute to a lost family member, whether a brother, a sister or a parent. They will have a musical instrument, with the name of the departed member of the family.

There will also be some musical chords to appear as a song dedicated to the deceased member.

This can also be used, if the person was a musician or if they had a great passion of music.

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Most commonly, the family tattoos will be applied in words, which clearly talks about a family. Some will have a huge word like, Family, draw on their back, with plenty of colors. Others will have the words, Family is Forever, which will be applied anywhere around their body.

The words will not be a set of inspirational texts, but they will be about three words with the term, Family being the main focus. These are the most common tattoos that are applied for the sake of showing dedication to that family.

These will be drawn with a normal tree, with names of the family members all along the branches. In most cases, the surname of the family, which is mostly the father’s name will appear along the stem. The roots can have an ancestry name.

The size of the family will depend on the size of that family tree.

The family tattoos are less personal and they are basically meant to show full dedication and love to a particular family or group.

The tattoo aims at promoting togetherness and brotherhood, which is why it is made permanent on the skin of the wearer.

Top 71 Family Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide]

A great tattoo is meant to last for life , which explains the enduring importance and popularity of family tattoo designs .

There are countless ways to pull off these emotionally charged pieces of family love and affection , but the touching impact always remains . Its why adorable family tattoo concepts feature on the list of 50+ best tattoo ideas.

Because every family is a unique unit, the same must be true about body art a person receives in their honor. Whether the imagery reflects a shared experience or rare bond, this kind of tattoo art always carries symbolic meaning – from a small tattoo family name design through to the abstract woman and child heart tattoo.

Read on for the top 71 family ideas to inspire you. You may even find the perfect tattoo to reflect your family tattoos idea .

1. American Traditional Family Tattoo Art

A family take on the traditional Sailor Jerry tattoo favored early in the 20 th century. The colors, while simple, really complement each other well and and the lines are drawn crisply.

A different take on a north American classic tattoo, the only way to describe it is ‘unique.’ The word family is what gives the ink its designation, as the rest of the imagery doesn’t really go with any standard familial definition because it’s an upside-down Octopus clutching some type of jewel.

This piece offers a new wave development of classic themes. The gun is about as old school as they come, with other tradition in the display of the flower and bannering. The quote is funky and well-drawn with most likely a narrow, single needle piece of kit.

Source: @old_store_tattoo_roma via Instagram

2. Photorealism Family Symbol Designs

This tattoo conveys the same emotions of love, strength, and compassion that watching social media videos of servicemen returning to their families after being away at war do. It really is almost a snapshot transferred on to skin,and is brilliant work by the tattoo artist.

This is a great sleeve tattoo idea in three parts. The top piece is a mirror to the photograph of his child, while the Disney style castle symbolizes children and helps tie the top tattoo in with the father and child in play on its’ steps at the bottom. It is beautiful art. The tattoo artist has emphasized shading to communicate depth and transition across the piece.

The awesome use of film to convey a photographic/storytelling element is unique. The tattoo itself is top-quality portraiture, but the borders of film call to a home movie, or family camera. It’s exquisitely executed.

3. Hands and Feet Family Tattoos

This a good take on a realistic style of tattoo. The shading is well developed, with the grayscale in particularly flowing nicely through the detail of the hands, where it’s support by fantastic use of flat black in the creases and crevices. The simply drawn font sums up the message of this tattoo idea with little fuss.

This small tattoo amplifies the traditional D.O.B tattoo by adding well done depictions of the kids’ feet under their D.O.B, with time of birth noted below them.

Another tattoo that cleverly uses theming – this time of each persons’ hands – to create the notion of family. The baby’s hand is folded in the mothers’ hand, and clasped by the father, and drawn with great eye for detail. The deftly drawn pocket clock is set, presumably, to the baby’s time of birth.

This piece is similar (to the previous captain) although here the baby is gripping her fathers’ finger with one beautiful tiny hind. The baby’s name, Valeria, is drawn in Chicano style script.

4. Silhouette Family Body Art

Wow. This is an intricate piece, that again uses black to show the family ‘together’ in the image. The rest of the setting – everything from the clock to the flagstones – is then done using intense detail, which further accentuates the skills used to put it together into an entire piece of art.

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This fantastic chest tattoo enjoys a clear and crisp design. The leafy border creates a different dimension, while within this leaf the man’s wife and children a drawn in flat black to create grand contrast to the detail of park and tree to the edge and bottom. As is often the case, the tattoo is etched close to his heart.

5. Names and Dates Family Tattoo

This small, minimalist tattoo provides a unique take on the D.O.B tattoo. It’s just a year, with the dates (not separated) underneath on notebook paper strung together. Either there’s another baby on the way, or the man is good at predicting future parenting outcomes with the small square left for number 4.

6. Family Tattoo Script and Lettering

This is a Chicano style tattoo with family emblazoned on it in flowing script, supported by simple black and gray shading.

A huge, interesting take on traditional font work, this tattoo combines elements of tribal flow with graffiti. It’s an outsize statement piece that melds together it’s line work deftly with the tracing.

7. Animal Representative Family Tattoo

The family of blackbirds in this piece is a great twist on the family motif.

Source: @classic_ink_social_club via Instagram

8. Family Chest Tattoo Designs

This original piece has three separate stylistic elements. It utilizes the trash polka style of meshing together black, sweeping red shadow work, and the slightly avant-garde look to create a piece of art. However, its veers away a bit because it incorporates the cool use of font with a realistic style compass that is the dominant image in the artwork.

9. Abstract Family Tattoo Design

This is a lot to take in, as the half sleeve incorporates three distinct separate style. The angel is a neo-classical art piece, which is then used to link the huge outsize graffiti style family font by incorporating dotwork technique to provide pattern and shading.

10. Matching Family Tattoo

Source: @colorful_therapy via Instragram

Source: @thelexfiles_tattoos via Instragram

Source: @tattoorilla via Instragram

Source: @caddydaddys_tattoo_piercing via Instragram

Source: @colorfaststudios via Instragram

Source: @sarayu_su via Instragram

Family Tattoo FAQs

What does a family tattoo mean?

A family tattoo represents a permanent commitment; individuals etch into their skin the importance their loved ones are in day to day life and the need to carry them with the wearer everywhere they go .

What is a good family tattoo?

Family tattoo ideas that you can use effectively for a great, meaningful tattoo include:

  • The word ‘ family ’ or a family quote
  • Animals such as an elephant family tattoo
  • Silhouettes of you and a loved one
  • A family tree tattoo
  • A heart tattoo depicting your family group
  • A matching tattoo with family members
  • An adorable family tattoo such as baby hands or feet
  • An infinity family tattoo

What is the universal tattoo symbol for family?

There is no universal symbol for family, however there are numerous positions and tattoo styles a man can incorporate into their body art to recognize the people closest to them.

For some, something simple like names of loved ones, and in the case of children their date of birth, are very popular. The growth in the portraiture style of tattooing means there are a lot more family photos transferred into tattoos as well, and quotes about family are also used often.

Where do I put my family tattoo?

In terms of positioning, men often emblazon their family tattoos across their chest to exemplify how close to their heart they are, while the inside forearm or elsewhere within general line of sight or other considerably effective placements.

What animal tattoo symbolizes family?

There are numerous animals a person can depict in family tattoo design due to the strength of their bond.

Lions have a recognizable familial bond and are often incorporated into family tattoos. Wolves too are heavily utilized as they are a pack traveling unit with clearly defined leadership and order.

An Elephant family tattoo is also popular due to their protective instincts when the herd is threatened, or the timeless images of them traveling trunk to tail in family groups across the wilderness.

Where do I place my family tattoo?

M en often emblazon their family tattoos across their chest to exemplify how close to their heart they are, while an outer forearm tattoo or elsewhere within general line of sight are other considerably effective placements.

For a woman, the wrist and inner forearm tattoo are popular position s for that meaningful family tattoo, while the lower leg/ankle and shoulder tattoo positions also depict the idea of family love and can be covered or displayed with ease .

Did you enjoy these family tattoo design ideas? If you’re looking for different family tattoos idea and inspiration, then click on the links to more of our beautiful tattoo galleries :

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